About the Brand

The most honest products in the world by people and for people. I wanted to create something real — something that each of us could use.

That is how VERA came to be.

Non-tested on animals

We are an environmentally ethical brand: VERA products have never been and will never be tested on animals. The collection also includes makeup products that do not contain components of animal origin.

Recycled pack

To minimise production waste, we only use recycled plastic in most of our packaging. Our dream is to get phase it out completely.

Mix & Match

All VERA products can become the basis of your beauty collection without a single extra thing: they are universal, easily combined with each other and suitable for any skin type and colour.

Premium quality for all

We strive to make premium makeup products available to the widest possible audience.

The whole point is the harmony of form and content

Looks are definitely important. Just like energy, charisma and kindness. Only combined do they give this unique feeling of self-confidence.


The overwhelming choice makes us hostage to our desires. We believe that a thoughtful approach to consumption and respect for the environment is the first step to order in both life and mind.