Confidentiality, use of personal data and their transfer to third parties

1. By accepting the Public Offer, the Buyer consents to the collection and processing of their personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”. The Buyer’s personal data are processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

2. Purpose of personal data processing. The data provided by the Buyer when registering or placing an Order through the Website shall be used to process Orders for the purchase of the Goods; receive information about the Order; send advertising offers, information about promotions, raffles, special offers or any other information about the activities of the Seller or its partners for other commercial purposes by telecommunications means (e-mail, mobile phone).

3. The Seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the personal data of Buyers.

4. The Buyer grants the Seller their consent to process the personal data of the Buyer, including entering the personal data in the database (without additional notification), indefinite data storage, their accumulation, update, change (if necessary). The Seller shall ensure the protection of data from unauthorised access by any third parties, refrain from distributing or transferring data to any third parties (except for the transfer of data to commercial partners, persons authorised by the Seller to directly process data for the specified purposes, including mobile operators, postal or courier delivery services, contact centres, advertising agencies, as well as at the request of competent state authorities in accordance with the procedure established by law).