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Lip gloss

Lip gloss

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The long-awaited line of lip glosses that visually make your lips look bigger, give them seductive shine and care for them!

A variety of textures, from natural, slightly moist to ultra-glossy with shimmer, as well as a universal palette of shades will allow you to experiment with your makeup every day!

VERA glosses are based on a light, creamy, NON-sticky formula that contains plant-based natural components for maximum lip comfort. And the convenient applicator will ensure a perfectly even coverage.

Allow yourself dizzying pleasure with GUILTY PLEASURE LIP GLOSS!

Lip Gloss Baby Doll 01

A delicate pink-beige shade will make your lips a shade lighter. It is very versatile and suitable for both daytime and evening looks with an accent on your eyes. Your lips will always look very natural and delicate.

Lip Gloss Cream Caramel 02

Its warm tone makes this delicious and tempting shade of sweet caramel suit absolutely everyone. It goes perfectly with almost any look.

Lip Gloss Pinky Coral 03

Like the nectar of ripe tropical fruits, this shade instantly awakens and cheers you up. A very trendy and bright colour in the collection perfectly refreshes your lips and your look as a whole.

Lip Gloss Starlight 11

The most unusual shade in this line. While white in the bottle, it turns sheer on the lips. Tiny gold particles come to the fore, shimmering and glittering, accentuating the volume and glow of your lips. The gloss can be used both independently and as a top layer for any lipstick.

Lip Gloss Peach Sunset 12

Juicy apricot shade with small shimmery particles on the lips has a translucent effect of a wet coating and a light unobtrusive glow.

Lip Gloss New Barbie 13

A unique chameleon pink shade. The refraction of light makes it sparkle and shimmer, ever-changing. Your lips will look expressive and voluminous.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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