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Water resistant mascara with volume effect

Water resistant mascara with volume effect

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Kaolin included in the ingredients of Lash Condom Mascara makes it easy to apply and set instantly, and you won’t feel it on your eyelashes. Go on and apply several layers: your eyelashes will look natural and stay separated. Special polymers effectively envelop each lash, creating a special “cover” for it, which makes the mascara as long-lasting as possible. At the same time, you don’t need any additional efforts or products to remove it: a little warm water, and the mascara will come off the eyelashes by itself.

The hourglass-shaped brush with miniature bristles perfectly separates and lifts lashes from their roots, allowing you to apply mascara evenly along the entire length and curl lashes of any length.

The result is perfectly separated, voluminous, curled, well-groomed and natural-looking eyelashes.

A convenient dispenser allows you to use the product effectively and independently adjust the amount of mascara applied.

No more makeup removers and cotton pads!

Thanks to a special formula with minimal wax content, Lash Condom Mascara is easily and quickly removed with water. Simply wet your eyes with warm water and carefully remove the remaining mascara from the eyelashes. This method of eye makeup removal does not injure the lashes and helps to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, as well as reduces the use of cotton pads — a small step towards preserving the environment.


Country of manufacture   Korea

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