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Multifunctional chubby stick

Multifunctional chubby stick

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Multi-functionality and multi-tasking are important in today’s world. Cream blush and highlighter stick from the MAGIC STICK collection will help you cut down your makeup time and look your best. The comfortable translucent cream texture of the product blends easily, merges with the skin and reflects light, creating a radiant effect and adding expressiveness to your look.

Just like a magic wand: one movement of the stick, and the look is complete!


 The MAGIC STICK collection includes three shades of blush that will help you instantly create a light makeup look in just a few minutes.

01 Dusty Rose is a gentle shade with a pink undertone for a natural blush effect. It will also perfectly accentuate the natural tone of the lips, which will look well-groomed.

02 Caramel is a warm shade that can be used for a stylish monochrome look where one product is applied to the eyes, lips and cheekbones. Add expressiveness to your face while keeping that no-makeup look. Absolutely universal shade for any style and look.

03 Coral is a perfect coral shade that can instantly freshen up your look, giving the face a healthier glow.

Tips for use:

Apply a little of the product to the top of your cheekbones, eyelids and lips and blend them slightly with a brush or the pads of your fingers. For a richer colour, apply another layer to make your face more expressive.


 The MAGIC STICK collection includes three shades of highlighter, which will help you accentuate your features and give your face a light glow and healthy freshness.

11 Starlight: The moisturising, accentuating effect of this highlighter shapes the face, emphasising both rich makeup and a more natural look. The highlighter looks incredible on the eyes and cheekbones, making your skin gently glow with a golden hue.

12 Moon is suitable for all skin tones, instantly giving your face a fresh and healthy look. An even and light glow will make your look more expressive.

13 Sun: This tone is like a sun kiss on your face. Warm and gentle, it blends into the skin and gives the face a light glow.

Tips for use:

Just apply the product on the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones, lips, eyelids, collarbones or any other area of your face and body and blend slightly with your fingers or a brush. Fingers warm up the product, and it blends with the skin, creating the most natural effect. Depending on the desired finish, you can vary the intensity of the MAGIC STICK application, from the most delicate and natural to the gorgeous glow of your skin.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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