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Volume mascara

Volume mascara

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Thick, long, natural: VERA Volume Mascara gives your eyelashes additional volume without going beyond the limits of a natural look. A mixture of natural and synthetic waxes creates a perfect creamy texture, so the mascara is easy to apply and does not go clumpy. A special cone-shaped brush separates and curls eyelashes along their entire length, and its sharp tip will help colour even the shortest hairs in the corners. The famed open-eyed effect is now easier than ever. A little more drama in your gaze — without the effect of false eyelashes.


- Glyceryl stearate is a plant-based emulsifier. It strengthens the connection between the ingredients as well as retains moisture, softens your lashes and makes them smoother.

- Iron oxide is a mineral dye that gives pigments intensity. The colour black is now even deeper and richer.

- Beeswax adds plasticity and softness to the texture. It makes the mascara easy to apply even in several layers for additional volume.

- No parabens, alcohol or fragrances added.

Tips for use:

- Effective and simple technique of applying voluminous mascara: apply the brush to the roots of your lashes, gently pull them upwards with a vibrating movement and slightly twist them at the very tips.

- Try applying mascara on your eyelashes from the inside as well as from the outside so the colour looks brighter and your lashes are even thicker.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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