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Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil

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VERA Eyebrow Pencil is a universal pencil for shaping your eyebrows: it is equally easy to draw out individual hairs and fill in your eyebrows. 17.5 cm in length, the pencil will definitely last long even with daily use. And with the formula with talc particles that absorb excess moisture, you don’t need to touch up your makeup for 9 hours.


- Talc is a mineral absorbent that absorbs excess moisture and sebum, making your makeup stay longer. In addition, talc prevents oxidation, so the colour does not change when in contact with the skin.

- Cottonseed oil among the ingredients will ensure great texture: it is soft enough to make the pencil glide easily on your skin, and hard enough to prevent smudging.

- Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic. It accelerates the production of collagen, moisturises the skin, as well as provides hair care.

Tips for use:

- To make your look natural, do not press the pencil in hard but move with light strokes in the direction of hair growth.

For the effect of natural eyebrows, use the gradient technique: make the eyebrow body lighter and its tip brighter. Colour intensity is easily adjusted by varying pencil pressure.


The country of manufacture is the Czech Republic

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