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Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette

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Compact palettes by VERA conceal a magnetic mirror that can be removed and nine universal shades that are easy to combine. Do whatever you want wherever you want: from gentle nude to grunge smoke, the number of possible looks is unlimited. In addition, each of the three palettes includes shades suitable for eyebrow makeup. No more extra stuff in your makeup bag.


- Magnesium myristate is a friable absorbent that absorbs excess sebum and binds other components together. It makes the eyeshadows cling more tightly to the skin and stay firmly fixed throughout the entire day or night.

- Natural mica. Its particles form the basis of loose eyeshadows. Mica makes the texture more uniform and prevents the coating from clumping.

- Zinc stearate is known for its antiseptic and moisture-repellent properties. It absorbs excess moisture and prevents greasy shine so that your makeup lasts longer.

Tips for use:

- To make your makeup stay fixed longer, use a primer: it will keep your eyeshadows flawless even in critical weather and any other conditions.

- For the most pigmented colour, try the “wet” technique: moisten the brush with a liquid make-up fixer, take a small amount of eyeshadow, apply it to your eyelid and let it dry.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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