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Clear outline or moisturised lips? How about both? Here is a lipstick with a satin finish, which makes the lips smooth and soft but does not smear. It’s all about the Flex-Form complex. It forms a 3D grid to prevent the pigment from darkening or fading. VERA LIPSTICK offers 6 shades created to accentuate your beauty at any moment and for any mood.


- The tiniest micronised pigments cling tightly to your lips, making the lipstick long-lasting but comfortable, and the purified wax adds intensity and richness to the shades.

- Special polymers among the ingredients form a 3D grid that prevents the shade from fading. - Purified emollient ethers will give your lips a velvety feeling.

Tips for use:

- To achieve the “kissed lips” effect, lightly touch the lipstick to your lips and blend. To make the pigment richer, add another sweep with the stick.

- To make the contouring look natural, apply the powder with a fluffy bevelled brush. This way, the coverage will be more even, and it will be easy to blend out contrasting lines.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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