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Microfibre eyebrow mascara

Microfibre eyebrow mascara

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Now they look well-groomed for up to 9 hours straight: mascara gives your eyebrows the desired shape and is easy to apply — and does not clump hairs together. Choose from three possible shades or try the transparent option: with VERA Fiber Eyebrow Mascara, your brow options are endless.


Glycerin is a humectant component that is responsible for moisturising. It softens and smoothes hard hairs, makes them manageable and helps style them. Tiny microfibre particles are needed to make the hairs look denser and more lush. They envelop each hair and provide additional volume.

Copolymers are special polymers that make the texture dense so that the mascara lasts longer. They do this without making the texture sticky — that is why the gel is easy to apply and you don’t feel it on your face.

Tips for use:

- To make your eyebrows look wider and thicker, style the hairs upwards and gently brush the ends of the hairs in the direction of growth.

- Mix shades: apply a lighter shade to the base of the eyebrow and use a darker one for the tip to shape it and give it a rich colour.


The country of manufacture is Italy

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