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Universal palette for face make-up

Universal palette for face make-up

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- Talc absorbs excess sebum and prevents the product from oxidising when in contact with the skin: the shade of powder and blush will not change after application. In addition, as a natural antiseptic, the talc prevents inflammation.

- Natural mica. Its particles act as the basis of the powdery texture, preventing the product from flaking off and clumping, as well as, most importantly, adding that natural glow.

- Magnesium stearate is a connecting element between the product and your skin. It makes the powder layer tight and even without the feeling of tightness or the mask effect.

Tips for use:

- Start by sculpting: apply powder on your cheekbones, temples and lower jaw. Emphasise the areas which are primarily exposed to the light such as the upper part of your cheekbones, the back of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes with the highlighter. And the finishing touch: apply blush to the top of your cheekbones for a fresh look.

- To make the contouring look natural, apply the powder with a fluffy bevelled brush. This way, the coverage will be more even, and it will be easy to blend out contrasting lines.


The country of manufacture is China

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