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Matte liquid lipstick

Matte liquid lipstick

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A matte lipstick with a moisturising rather than drying effect?
VERA Matte Liquid Lipstick with a light coating can do everything at once. It’s all about the balance: components for care and moisturising and absorbent particles that ensure a long-lasting effect. No matter what you do, VERA liquid matte lipstick will stay with you until the end of the day.


- The secret of Crazy To Matte technology is the combination of particles that ensure rich colour and care. Together, they create a protective barrier that moisturises the skin of your lips and protects them from external influences.

- Extracts of sugar and coconut soften the skin, making this lipstick easy to apply: it produces an even layer and does not cake on your lips throughout the day.

- Diatomaceous earth is a natural friable sorbent with a porous texture that absorbs excess moisture without making your lips dry. Your lips remain moisturised and perfectly matte at the same time.

- VERA Matte Liquid Lipstick does not contain mineral oils or preservatives.

Tips for use:

- For additional hydration, first apply a nourishing balm and then the lipstick so that it is distributed more evenly. Note that the balm should be oil-free, otherwise your lipstick might smear.

- To achieve the most pigmented colour, apply a thin layer of concealer or a special primer over the balm. Your lipstick will look even brighter and stay on longer.

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